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CLUG Notes May 4, 2007

Attendees: Anthony Lewis, Brandon Zimmerman, David Winney, Elizabeth Treadgold, Elmo Hunter, Jessica Wallace, Kevin McKay, Marti Baker, Michael Yocom


In discussions in IS and a variety of meetings it appears that we will not be moving to Office 2007 until the fall of Office 2008. Given the above deployment date:

Office 2007 will be available via Citrix for instructors in next few weeks. Contact the Helpdesk for access.

Prentice Hall will be on campus on Tuesday, 5/8 to demo a simulation program that will allow instructors to teach the Office 2007 products without having them installed on the computers.

ACS is working to make 1 office 2007 test (and file conversion) computer available in ALD hall, the 4th floor of LYN Hall, and MLT 212.


There is no current plan to move to MS Vista in the labs. We will not make the move until it is necessary for instruction.
What next?


After summer quarter 2007 CWU will take on support of their labs in SQL. EdCC students will still have access to these labs.


ALD 102 will receive new computers and LCDs prior to fall quarter 2007. If time allows, the new equipment will be deployed during the break between spring and summer quarter. e are working with student government and the Library to see if all computers on the 3rd and 4th floor of the Library can be replaced.

We have put in a Tech Fee request to have the computers in ALD 101 replaced.


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