Academic Computer Services

CLUG Notes February 8, 2008

Attendees:  Brandon Zimmerman, Carl Hurley, David Jacobson, David Winney, Elizabeth Treadgold, Gisela Dicklin, Jessica Wallace, Kyle Berns, Marti Baker, Michael Yocom

MS Vista - The academic computer labs will not be moving to MS Vista for Fall 2008.  The earliest possible move date would be Fall 2009.  It will be important for faculty members to talk about their desire/need to go to MS Vista with their department and make sure that ACS and their deans know their feelings on moving to MS Vista for Fall 2009.

MS Vista - ACS is working on getting MS Vista onto one of each of the different models of computers that are running in the labs.  We will then load the applications currently used onto the computers to see how the applications run on MS Vista. Assuming the decision is made to go to MS Vista for Fall 2009, ACS will make these computers available for testing purposes for faculty during Winter quarter 2009.

CEN Move - During the break between Summer and Fall quarter most of CEN is moving from Beresford to the first floor of SNH hall. CEN will be in SNH 105, 119, 125, and 126. They will also share space with existing classes in SNH 110 and 124.

ALD Mediated classroom equipment upgrade-  ALD 101, 103, & 105 should be receiving new projection equipment over the upcoming break.

Student Wireless - Students should notice improved performance on the student wireless network. Networks and Telcom recently performed a hardware upgrade and they have also restricted P2P traffic so that it can only take up a small percentage of the available bandwidth.