About our College

About Our College

Founded: 1967

Mission: Edmonds Community College strengthens our diverse community by helping students access educational and career opportunities in a supportive environment that encourages success, innovation, service, and lifelong learning.

Achieving the Dream: Signifying a strong commitment to student success and completion, Edmonds Community College recently completed four years as a member of Achieving the Dream, a national initiative that helps more community college students succeed, particularly students of color and low-income students.

Programs: 61 associate degrees, 63 professional certificates in 27 programs of study.

Highest enrolled programs: Associate of Arts/Associate of Science, Allied Health (pre-nursing degree), Paralegal, Business/Accounting, Construction Management, Computer information Systems.

Accreditation: The college is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities and is governed by the Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges.

Cost of Attendance
State resident quarterly tuition: $1,283.90 (15 credits)
Non-resident quarterly tuition: $3,086.95 (15 credits)
Estimated yearly tuition and fees: $3,708.78 (12 credits)

School colors: blue and green

Mascot: Triton, prince of the sea in Greek mythology

President: Jean Hernandez, Ed.D.

Board of Trustees: Dr. Tia Benson Tolle, Diana Clay, Quentin Powers, Emily Yim, Carl Zapora, and Lia Andrews (student trustee).

Employees: The college employs more than 1,516 employees, including 137 full-time and 362 part-time instructors as well as 272 students.

Students to instructor ratio: 23:1

About our Foundation

The Foundation supports access, success, and excellence for students, faculty, and staff at Edmonds Community College. Our goal is to make higher education widely available in our community by providing students, especially those with the greatest barriers to overcome, with the support they need to succeed.

About our Students

  • 11,600 Average students per quarter (this can mean as many as 20,000 students taking classes in a year)
  • 5,300 Average online and hybrid students per quarter (note: hybrid classes combine classroom and online instruction)
  • 1,000 Average students per quarter working toward high school diploma or GED
  • 1,000 Average ESL students per quarter
  • 1,448 International students from 62 countries
  • 900 Continuing education students
  • 30 Average student age
  • 42% Full-time students
  • 53% Female students
  • 38% Students of color
  • 89% Day students
  • 82% of our students live within eight miles of the campus
  • 29% receiving need-based financial aid
  • 38% receiving any financial aid

New student profile:

  • 10% have already completed bachelor’s degrees or higher
  • 25% plan to stay long enough to complete a degree
  • 29% work either part-time or full-time
  • 23% have children or other dependents in their care

Why students enroll here

Why students enroll here

About our campus

Our 50-acre campus is located 20 miles north of Seattle in the city of Lynnwood, Washington. Some highlights include 28 computer labs, nine science labs, three eateries, two greenhouses, a digital recording studio, an art gallery, a theater, a child care center, a gym, Triton Field, a transit center, Rainier Place – an on-campus residence hall, and a university satellite center for Central Washington University.

About our budget

2014-15 Annual operating budget $51,293,473

Where we get it

where we get it chart

How we spend it

How we spend it chart

College functions supported by tuition

2014-15 tuition revenue $13,108,738

College functions supported by tuition chart


2014-15 Contracts and grants: $34,285,148
2013-14 Foundation endowment value: $3,712,882

Student aid awarded

2014-15 Financial Aid awarded/dispersed: $22,071,344
2013-14 Foundation scholarships and emergency funds awarded: $398,578

Source: 2014-15 academic year
For more information about Washington state community and technical colleges, visit www.sbctc.edu.