International Student Services


The Fall Quarter 2015 Scholarship application window is now open. It will close on October 9.

ISS Scholarships

  • Please carefully review the eligibility criteria before submitting an application form online.
  • Please email copies of your transcripts and current class schedule registration as a PDF or image file (JPEG, PNG, etc.) to It is preferable that the files sent be named as "Family Name First Name Transcripts" and "Family Name First Name Registration".
  1. New and Transfer-In College or High School Student Scholarship ($500): Criteria here; Application form here
  2. College or High School Merit Scholarship ($300): Criteria here; Application form here
  3. Intensive ESL to College Scholarship ($300): Criteria here; Application form here

Multiple awards are available for each scholarship.

scholarship recipients

Important Dates

Quarter Applications Due Ceremony Date Ceremony Time Ceremony Location
Fall 2015 Oct. 9, 2015 Oct. 28, 2015 1-2 p.m. TBA
Winter 2016 Jan. 22, 2016 Feb. 10, 2016 3-4 p.m. TBA
Spring 2016 April 15, 2016 May 4, 2016 3-4 p.m. TBA

Questions? Please contact:

Phone: 425.640.1708


Foundation Scholarships

Each year, the college Foundation provides scholarships and emergency grants for many students. Scholarship criteria vary; some are for specific areas of study or for those with specific backgrounds or needs.

Applicants will be considered for all scholarships for which they are eligible. All required materials must be included in an application packet. Students qualify for and may receive funds from multiple scholarships, but only need to submit one application.

Complete the Dream Scholarship

Students may only apply for the Foundation’s Complete the Dream Scholarship during their last or graduation quarter. You must also have experienced a significant financial, medical, or family loss that has required you to drop your classes and therefore not graduate. The Complete the Dream Scholarship funds are available to help students through tough times and enable them to graduate despite a personal crisis.

Scholarship Tips From Current Students

  • Maintain a good grade point average.
  • Participate in clubs and activities.
  • Volunteer on campus or in the community.

Past Recipients

Chau Nguyen Chau Nguyen
“Being an international student has been a great financial challenge for me. With the Merit Scholarship, I can save money for my textbooks next quarter. It will relieve my stress about financial difficulties. I think students should be active in searching for scholarships and work hard on their schooling. Thanks to this support, I can focus more on my study and participate in college activities!”
Kevin Lie Kevin Lie

"I received the ISS Merit Scholarship. This scholarship will help me and my parents pay my tuition and living costs. Also, it helps adorn my resume because I can put it as an award!"

Huiyan Xu Huiyan Xu
“My major is environmental engineering. My scholarship gave me a chance to take additional courses that I was interested in and I really appreciate that opportunity. I hope there will be more students who can benefit from the ISS scholarship. I will transfer to a university after I finish my courses in Edmonds Community College.”
Gloria Felicia Gloria Felicia
“Hi, my name is Glo and I'm pursuing my AA degree in Business Management. My dad was the one who inspired me to study marketing; I plan to be a Marketing Analyst someday. The merit scholarship that I earned from International Student Services has helped me with my tuition and my confidence. My goal is to transfer to a commerce school next year.”
Minjeong Gil Minjeong Gil
(South Korea)
“I have received three College Merit Scholarships and an Edmonds CC Foundation Scholarship over the last two years. They helped me greatly to finish my Associate of Business Degree. It is simple to apply and also a great honor to be a part of the celebration. As as international student, those scholarships pushed me to get better grades. I feel like I am getting closer to my dream. It's such a nice opportunity that the college actually celebrates your hard work and appreciates it. Don't miss out on this wonderful opportunity. I appreciate all of the support I have received from Edmonds CC.”