International Student Services

Accepted English Proficiency Scores

English proficiency is not a requirement to be accepted. However, students who receive the following minimum scores within the last year, will place into college/high school classes.

Regardless of a qualifying test score, all students will still need to take the Edmonds Community College English placement test upon arrival.


First Certificate Grades A, B, C

EIKEN (Step Eiken)

Pre-1st Level

ESL students

ELS Program

Level 109


5.0 Overall
(5.0 in each band)

Institutional TOEFL

Not Accepted


Level 4

Pearson Test of English (PTE)

Score of 42


IBT 54

For test scores below these levels, placement will be determined by the student's score on the Edmonds Community College English placement test given upon arrival. A sample of the ACCUPLACER Placement test is available for practice prior to arrival.