International Student Services

Resources for Students and Community Members

Study Abroad

Earn credit toward your college degree while studying abroad in Australia and New Zealand, Spain, Italy, Costa Rica, France, Japan, or England.

Online Conversation Partner Program

Students have the opportunity to practice their skills with the a native English speaker while volunteers get the chance to help international students learn the language and learn about a new culture. Apply online to participate.

Homestay Program

Homestay students get the added experience of living with an American family while studying abroad, and local host families learn more about a new culture by opening their homes to an international student for cultural exchange. Contact our Housing Office for more information.

U.S. State Department Northwest Community College Initiative (NWCCI)

NWCCI, in it's fourth year, brings young professionals from developing countries who would not normally have the opportunity to study abroad to the United States for a year of professional training and cultural activities. Edmonds, Whatcom, and Pierce Community Colleges together have hosted 130 students from Brazil, Costa Rica, Ghana, Kenya, Cameroon, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Panama, South Africa, Egypt, and Turkey.

International/Cultural Clubs at Edmonds Community College

Meet others who share your interests in more than 50 student clubs including our: Arabic Club, Black Student Union, Chinese Culture Club, Chinese Student Union, Club Francais (French), International Cultural Exchange Society (ICES), Indonesian Club, Latin American Student Association (LASA), Muslim Student Association (MSA), Multicultural Club, Native American Student Association (NASA), and Vietnamese Student Association (VSA).

International Student Services Blog and Facebook Page

Read about upcoming student activities on the ISS Blog and connect with us on Facebook.

Modern Language Classes

The Department of Modern Languages and Cultures at Edmonds Community College offers language courses in Spanish, French, German, Korean, and Japanese.

Campus Events

Join us on campus for events which feature opportunities for cultural exchange with our international students including International Night and a Sustainability Around the World panel for Earth Month and explore cultures at events such as International Film and Arabic festivals. The college holds more than 150 arts and cultural events each year including dance, music, lectures, films, and comedy. See the college calendar for upcoming events.