International Student Services

Steps to Becoming a Partner Agency

Thank you for considering Edmonds Community College as a partner institution. The college is selective with its agency relationships, thus the following steps were developed to ensure maximum quality of service to students.

Before you consider formalizing a partnership, please ensure that you fulfill the following criteria:

  • Have at least one year experience in recruiting students to study at overseas institutions;
  • Can provide two professional (not personal) overseas references from institutions, preferably from other community colleges or universities in the United States; each reference must have worked with you for at least one year and must respond within two weeks of receiving our reference check request 

If you fulfill the criteria above, you may complete the Prospective Agency Form.

The following are the steps for formalizing a partnership with us:

Step 1:

Completed Prospective Agency Form – this application will provide us with important information about your organization, your experience with prospective students, and your interest in representing Edmonds Community College.

Step 2:

Once the form is submitted, Edmonds Community College staff will contact the two professional overseas references provided. If two references are not provided, the application will be declined. The two references must submit their replies within two weeks with positive feedback, in order for your application to move onto the next step.

Step 3:

The college will respond to the prospective agency by email and invite, if selected, to become an official partner agency. The college will send an official agreement after a referred student successfully enrolls and pays all fees to the college.

If you have questions about becoming a partner agency, please contact Linh Van at

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I have successfully completed the "Steps to Becoming a Partner" and have referred a student that has enrolled and paid all student fees at your college. When will I receive my referral fee?
A. Partner referral fees are typically processed during the fifth week of the given academic quarter. If you have not received notice about your pending referral fee, please contact YonHee Fisher at

Q. I have sent a student that has successfully enrolled at your college. Will I receive a referral fee?
A. If you have not previously followed the "Steps to Becoming a Partner" outlined above, you will not receive a referral fee for said student. However, the college will invite you to follow those steps. If you successfully do so, you will receive a referral fee for subsequent students that you refer whom enroll and pay all student fees at the college.