Basic Food and Employment Training

Our Team

Jan Strand, Director of WorkFirst, BFET, and Opportunity GrantJan Strand

The innovative and creative members of the WorkForce Development Department are dedicated to changing lives. They are committed to helping students find a training program that best fits their needs and will result in enhancing their employability skills.

jstrand@edcc.edu | 425.640.1008

BFET Information Line: 425.640.1727

WorkFirst Intake Desk: 425.640.1686

WorkFirst Student Attendance Line: 425.640.1130

Transitional Life Skills Information Line: 425.640.1451

Employee Listing

Name Title Email Phone
Andrea Villarroel Office Assistant 2 andrea.villarroel@edcc.edu 425.640.1936
Louise Clark WorkFirst Coordinator louise.clark@edcc.edu 425.640.1467
Dawn Farmer BFET Program Specialist dawn.farmer@edcc.edu 425.640.1755
Maria Klots BFET Program Specialist maria.klots@edcc.edu 425.640.1257
Karl Rambow Administrative Budget Assistant karl.rambow@edcc.edu 425.640.1079
Morgan Santiago WorkFirst Office Assistant morgan.santiago@edcc.edu 425.640.1686
Tamara Creason WorkFirst Student Coordinator tamara.creason@edcc.edu 425.640.1534
Max Morley BFET Assistant max.morley@edcc.edu 425.640.1935
Reneld Michaud Financial Aid Specialist reneld.michaud@edcc.edu 425.640.1141
Kristin Munn Opportunity Grant Program Specialist kristin.munn@edcc.edu 425.640.1921